ReXana Beauty

Rexana Beauty is a product, based on silic acid which is beneficial for skin, nails, hair

Silicon, an important mineral for humans.

Plant foods such as oats, barley, rice and wheat contain relatively high amounts of silicon. However, most of the silicon is lost in the processing and grinding, causing the end products to hardly contain any silicon. Today’s ‘modern’ diet contains very little bio-available silicic acid. The amount of silicon in our body decreases as we age.

Silicon and collagen

Silicon stimulates the production of collagen. Collagen is the most common protein in the body and is present in all connective tissue structures. Skin, hair, nails, bones and tendons mainly consists of collagen. After the age of 25 the production of collagen diminishes, which causes aging of the skin and wrinkles to occur.

Silicon plays an important part in the production of collagen, therefore a sufficient intake of bioavailable silicic acid is essential to maintain a supple and firm skin.

Who benefits from Rexana Beauty?

  • Rexana Beauty provides sufficient intake of silicon, something that become more important as on gets older.
  • Rexana Beauty plays an important part in the growth and maintenance of the quality of skin, hair and nails. A healthy skin, beautiful hair and well-groomed nails are important to anyone who wants to maintain a good appearance.
  • Rexana T Beauty shows a positive effect on skin disease: on various of acne, psoriasis, oedema with burns and other effects.
  • Rexana Beauty’s ingredients contain Boron which has an effect on bone metabolism, especially in combination with other minerals, such as calcium and vitamin D.


Rexana Sport is the Rexana product, in particular designed for athletes. Regular use of Rexana Sport will strengthen the joints and muscular system.


  • Rexana Sport strengthens and flexes the joints and muscular system, and thus athletes are less injury-sensitive
  • Athletes recover faster from injuries when using Rexana Sport
  • Mitigates the ageing effect of the body in general and of the muscular system in particular