AB Orange

AB Orange is a silicic based formula especially developed for fruit plants (e.g. strawberries) and fruit / nut producing trees. AB Orange is formulated for fruit trees (apple, pear, apricot, plum, cherries, and olives) and nut trees (almond, pistachios, hazelnut, and walnut).

Crops treated with AB Orange have:

  1. Increased crop yields between 5% & 20%;
  2. Better resistance to biotic stress, i.e.;
    1. Disease / Infections;
    2. Insects;
  3. Resulted in a reduction of pesticide usage (up to 50%);
  4. Better resistance to abiotic stress;, i.e.;
    1. Droughts (lower water consumption without crop damage of up to 40%);
    2. Storms;
  5. Improved blossoming and fruit setting;
  6. Higher concentrations of fruit sugars;
  7. Increased shelf life.