Foliar application of fertilizers is one of the effective approaches in improving absorption efficiency nowadays. Foliar uptake of nutrients is much faster than root uptake. Therefore, foliar fertilization is the solution of choice when deficiency symptoms are noticed, and prompt correction of deficiencies is necessary. Nutrients rapidly absorbed through the foliage, providing the plant with the missing nutrients, and strengthening it.

Silicic acid is particularly important to crop. It acts as a bio-stimulant for the growth of the plant and helps the plant to overcome infections and stress factors like heat, drought, and salinity.

After observing the crops applied OPTI RICE, we recorded the data then conducted this report showing you the positive effects of foliar application of stabilized Silicic Acid on morphological and physiological traits of rice at different concentration of it in Vietnam conditions about of climate, local cultivation practices as well as techniques.

1.North and Central of Viet Nam.

Method: transplanting

Location: Nghe An (central region)

Picture 1: The meeting before carrying out the experiment in the office.

Picture 2&3: The appreciated result got after nearly 2 months.

2. South of Vietnam

Method: direct seedling

Location:  An Giang province (south region)

Picture 4&5: Visting the farmers and fields applied OPTI RICE

Picture 6&7: The positive result of the plants.

In conclusion, this statistical analysis showed the positive effect of OPTI RICE on growth parameters for paddy rice.