Over 4,000 tons of rice exported to Europe at the end of this year

The amount of exported rice was up to 4,170 tons, including fragrant and white kinds, and produced by Loc Troi Group through their agricultural value chain, in which the cultivation process is strictly controlled from seed to grain to meet the strictest criteria of the European market.

This is also the first export rice shipment that Loc Troi Group used a bulk carrier to save costs at a time when shipping costs by container are high due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic.

Loc Troi Group is the only unit currently able to organize large-scale production from 1,000 hectares through cooperatives under the guidance of a team of 1,200 engineers. The group also conducts the process of optimizing the stages of seeding – farming – harvesting – transporting with mechanized services and drones that are used to seed, spread fertilisers and spray chemicals to improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

They now also have a fleet of boats, 25 food factories and associated partners that could ensure the capacity to supply 1 million tons of rice per year for domestic and global markets.

This shipment of over 4,000 tons of rice exported to Europe this time proves the ability to organize production for large orders and at the same time, the ability to cultivate and produce products that meet the quality standards of the most demanding markets of Loc Troi Group.

Rice is loaded on a bulk carrier before being exported to Europe.

With this capacity, the group exported more than 80,000 tons of rice to international partners in Europe, the UK, Africa, Australia, the Middle East region and neighboring countries in Asia in 2021. The total value of rice exports reached more than VND1,000 billion, accounting for about 24% of the group’s rice revenue.

As for the European market, Loc Troi Group has been selected by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to export the first batches of fragrant rice to the European market under the European Union–Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) since September 2020 and has continuously developed this market for more than a year. The group also acquired new partners in Sweden and Germany in 2021.

The rice export segment of Loc Troi Group has increased by about 4 times in terms of output and sales compared to last year, with 15 new purchasing partners in the international market.

This is a great effort of the group during the time when the global supply chain was heavily affected by the pandemic and the high cost of shipping by containers made it difficult for businesses around the world to meet the demand for goods at a reasonable cost. Loc Troi Group has been recognized as a “reputable export enterprise” for 3 consecutive years according to the certification of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (2018 – 2020).

Nguyen Duy Thuan, General Director of Loc Troi Group said: “The export of rice to difficult markets is one of the top challenges for Loc Troi in particular and agricultural products companies in general. We are very pleased that the efforts of the entire group’s staff, day and night standing shoulder to shoulder with cooperatives and more than 200,000 affiliated farmer households to overcome a difficult and challenging year of 2021, have brought about specific and well-recognized successes.

With the last order of more than 4,000 tons just exported to Europe before the New Year, we believe that 2022 will bring a lot of opportunities for Vietnamese rice and other agricultural products that are produced in greener, sustainable ways in the European and many other markets, helping to increase the efficiency of the agricultural economy while contributing to community development in rural areas.

Authors: ND – PV

Translated by Phuong Ha

Original Link: https://vietnamagriculture.nongnghiep.vn/over-4000-tons-of-rice-exported-to-europe-at-the-end-of-this-year-d312509.html

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